School Board Decision Unfair To Calhoun Youth Football


Dear Editor, I just finished reading the article "School Board Gives Old Athletic Field To County" in the article there was a paragraph about the Calhoun Little League football players not being allowed to use the new Middle/High School football field this year for their home games. As a parent and little league cheer leading coach I feel this is very wrong. The parents of the little league players pay taxes on that field just the same as everyone else does, and I feel we have just as much right to play our games on it as the High School teams do. These children may only be 6-12 years old, but one of these days they will be playing JV and Varsity football for Calhoun County.

According to Mr. Blankenship the field is still too fragile and cannot stand the extra use, what harm are a bunch of six to twelve year old kids gonna do to it? I'd like to know where the board proposes our future High School Football Players and Cheerleaders play their five home games this year? The old football field has no intercom system, no bleachers, and no way to run the scoreboard or the concession stand. I'd really like to know what it is gonna hurt for us to play our home games at the new field that WE All as tax payers are paying for.

Last but not least, Mr. Blankenship if you had a child or grandchild that was a Little League football player or cheerleader would your decision be different? Or would you tell them their sport is not important enough to use the new field that was built for ALL the children!

Kelly Whytsell