RURAL FREE DELIVERY - Tyranny. Giving Up Rights


By Mack Samples

Most Americans think that tyranny is just a term that they have read about in history books, or perhaps something that occurs in places where people do not speak English. I've heard the phrase "it could never happen here" more than once. Such people need to read a little deeper into history because the fact is, it could happen anywhere. That anywhere could be in the good old U.S.A. just as easily as tyranny has occurred in places where people do not speak English. I suspect most of the people in the Roman Republic thought it could never happen there either.

If the right man (or woman) comes along and makes all of the right moves, the people will ignore the fact that they are giving up their freedom because this "right person" will convince them that they will all be better off if they do give up certain rights. Caesar pulled it off in Ancient Rome, did he not? Everyone was not fooled but the overwhelming majority was. Old Cassius and Brutus were not fooled. Remember Cassius telling Brutus , "Why, man, he doth stride the world like a Colossus, and we petty men walk under his huge legs and peep out about to find ourselves dishonorable graves." (At least that's what Shakespeare thought he said)

Hitler pulled it off in Germany, did he not? Here was an insignificant ex-army corporal who, among other things, led the German people to believe that if they would just get rid of the Jews, they would all be better off. Never mind humanitarian thoughts. Never mind that half of the population might get killed in his aggressive wars. Through his oratorical skills, he convinced a bright and civilized nation that only he knew the way.

Did Stalin pull it off in Russia? That one is a no brainer. But Stalin did not do it via his oratorical skills or making false promises. He did it with brute force. Using his control of the military, he killed off the opposition and struck fear and trembling into the masses. They had no way to fight back. The members of the military did not have to follow his lead ... but they did.

Did Castro in Cuba and Chevez in Venezuela not pull it off? Did Chevez not proclaim himself President for life? Did they both not promise that everyone would be better off if they would just follow their lead? Did the Cubans give up their rights in order that they might live in a perfect society, each according to his need? Most of them did. Others tried to get to America in anything that would float. Many lost their lives in the process.

Did it almost happen in America when Franklin Roosevelt decided that no one but FDR was capable of leading the country? Had he remained healthy things might have gotten very interesting.

These are but a few examples. But it is ample proof that those bright boys who wrote the American Constitution worried that it might happen here. Is that why they included the Second Amendment? They were not worried that people would not have a shotgun to go squirrel hunting. They were concerned that some latter-day Caesar would come along and decide he was Moses or Napoleon. They had read some history books. They wanted the people to have an ace in the hole.

If an American president ever decided that he, and only he, knew the way, and that the opposition needed to be eliminated, Joe Biden's proclamation that a shotgun was all a person needed would ring pretty hollow. A shotgun wouldn't be of much use against tanks, drones, and the 82nd Airborne.

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