Family And Friends Defend Richards


Dear Editor,

Recently, John Manis Richards, 38, of Parkersburg, was arrested and charged with two counts of abduction.

According to the Parkersburg paper, the crime occurred on June 25, 2002. On July 22, Mr. Richards went for a probable cause hearing before Magistrate Postalwait and Prosecuting Attorney Tony Morgan.

The prosecution has no evidence and no witness to prove John was in Ohio during the alleged incident which allegedly occurred at 7:40 p.m. on June 25, 2002 at the Reno Car Wash, but Mr. Richards had several witnesses to prove he was at a family residence with friends and family in Calhoun County.

Mr. Morgan and Magistrate Postalwait both dismissed all testimony of the witnesses, and revoked John's $50,000 bond.

All the people who know and care about John Richards are aware he is a registered sex offender, but he is not a violent or aggressive person and is not capable of such a crime.

I thought under our judicial system, you're innocent until proven guilty. We want John to know that his family and friends still know he is innocent, and if this comes to trial, he will be vindicated.


Brenda Richards Williams (sister, friends and family of John M. Richards

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