Parent Complains About Micro Society


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in hopes that it will get the attention of Calhoun County parents.

In my opinion the county school system, is not what it should be. When complaints are made, little or nothing is done.

My child attends Arnoldsburg Elementary School, where Micro Society has been incorporated. In my opinion this program is hurting more than it helps.

Last week while the children were eating lunch they were rudely interrupted, to see who did and did not have their "Bee Bucks" (play money, given as rewards, to be spent on Market Day.) The children who had them were allowed to continue eating. The children who had forgotten or didn't have them were told to move to another table and also lost their recess.

I attended all the Micro Society meetings for parents, when the program was first started. We were told the program would be fair to all children. We were told that the Micro Society was supposed to be as much like "real society" as possible.

In real society, if you are fined you have an allotted time to pay your fine, not so in the Micro Society. The program is supposed to be about the children, but the children are being fined of their Bee Bucks unfairly. If a parent over-sleeps and their child is tardy, the child is fined. If children have to leave school early for doctor appointments, they are fined. If a parent forgets to send an absence excuse to school, the child is fined.

The parents were told the program would eliminate punishment. I see this type of unfair fining as punishment.

When confronting these issues the parents are told that we misunderstood what was said in the meetings, but the parents attending, know what we heard.

One parent is not going to make a difference, parents need to come together to get these issues changed for the better. I know some are afraid to come forward, because of what happened to me last year, when I tried to confront issues, but, if we don't stand up for our children, no one else will either. Let's make our schools a better place for all children.

Brenda Holcomb
Arnoldsburg WV 2/14/01