SHOWDOWN: ROMNEY VS. OBAMA - Stark Contrasts, Winning At Any Price Vs. Lack Of Character


Pollsters and pundits have said for months that most voters have already made up their minds about their presidential choice, so most of the hubris on TV and the multi-billion dollar campaigns could be for the amusement of the polarized, firm up the base, increase TV ratings or sell papers.

Because the mainstream media has been occupied with the showdown 24/7, we have refrained from adding to the overload.

We now present one-time opposing views about the candidates:


Commentary/Opinion By Drew Moody

This country has crossed some new and frightening thresholds under the guiding influence of extreme right-wing political views. The nation is experiencing the first presidential election cycle affected by the U.S. Supreme Court's 2010 "Citizen United" ruling, removing restrictions on corporate political donations.

The decision is a jackpot for big money interests; paid for by further diminishing the "people's voice."

While Mitt Romney's "chameleon act" impersonation of a moderate may net votes, it could be a Faustian high-stakes gamble. Why? He's shifted positions with such frequency a majority of thoughtful voters will be puzzled over which version of "multiple Mitt" would be president. And should Romney win, his political creditors will come to collect the debt he owes.

Among Romney's creditors include the very same hawkish, ultra- conservative cast who effectively controlled the previous administration's foreign policy.

They created the "Doctrine of Preemptive War" and misrepresented intelligence and evidence leading to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Their goal is active military domination of the world.

-Extreme Voices / Wild Accusations

Gone in this election cycle are moderate voices speaking out against the Mitt Romney's NRA style distorted, inaccurate, fear-based attacks which encourage extremist views and voices.

Instead, Romney has stayed true to a spokesman's comment indicating they weren't going to allow their efforts to be swayed by "fact checkers." Absent in this dark 2012 presidential race are prominent Republican voices stepping up the plate correcting the record for accuracy.

During the 2008 presidential campaign Senator John McCain denounced an audience member who asserted Barack Obama is an Arab. "No ma'am," McCain said, "[Obama's] a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues."

Romney campaign co-chairman, John Sununu, the disgraced former George W. Bush's chief of staff, has been unremitting in his vicious attacks on President Barack Obama.

Sununu's insults include suggesting Obama grew up smoking marijuana, said Obama needed to "learn how to be an American," and accused the President of being lazy. Other commentators have gone further.

Rush Limbaugh said President Obama hates America. And Ann Coulter called the President a "retard." Mitt Romney's son, Tag, made a joke about sending the president back to Africa.

-The Economy, Jobs and Wages

America's overall economy has been flat-lined for a number of years. While the U.S. economy stumbled through the previous decade, China's growth outpaced America's by as much as 10-fold.

And since 2008's bank and housing crisis, the world's economy has suffered a downturn. Much of those problems were caused by a lack of regulation and not because George W. Bush was president at the time.

Nobel laureate Princeton economist, Paul Krugman, believes it may take more than a decade to vastly improve economic trends here.

An economy driven by corporate greed and 'what is best for the few' could hardly be expected to make decisions based on better outcomes for everyone.

In fact, the average American workers "real wages" adjusted for inflation has been on a flat or downward path since the mid-1970s.

The concept of "fair-trade" at this juncture has been great for everyone else, at the expense of American workers.

Yet, Romney claims he's going to wave a magic wand and change all that, promising to create 12-million new jobs and increase wages.

It's a stark contrast to the number of new jobs created during the eight years George W. Bush was president -- just slightly over 1-million.

Yet, Wall Street and corporate America are drowning in profits.

Anti-union campaigns and outsourcing jobs overseas has left this country with Walmart becoming the nation's largest employer.

And as far as "multiple-Mitt" is concerned, his experience at Bain Capital wasn't motivated by a concern for workers -- it was an addiction to profit at any price.

Bain Capital not only helped pave the way for companies to relocate overseas, but also provided armies of consultants encouraging clients to fire senior employees often with disastrous results.

-Romney World's Alternate Universe

Another perplexing element of the 2012 election is the fundamentalist Christian support for Mitt Romney. The best I can suggest is Mormon beliefs have about as much in common with "traditional Christianity" as the Hindu faith.

In studying its doctrines, Mormonism looks like something caught between Scientology, esoteric Eastern mysticism and Christianity. It's unheard of for Protestants to enter a recovery program if they decide to switch from the Methodist to Baptist faith.

But, for those born into Mormonism, it's a closed culture and they pretty much own you.

As a result attempting to leave that structure is very painful and difficult.

While the members of the Church of Latter Day Saints consider themselves Christian, they also believe all other traditional Christian churches have "lost the authority of God."

That means they think they're the only true Christian church.

They believe God is a human being with a wife, and think their destiny is to become a God as well.

They believe that "God-the Father" and Jesus came to visit Mormon founder Joseph Smith, and continue to do so through their present day prophets.

And if that's not just a tad bizarre enough for you, they also believe in "re-Baptizing" the dead by proxy, with or without the permission of those who may object.

Consequently the Mormons have had ongoing problems with the leaders of the Jewish and Catholic faiths.

One Jewish Rabbi was quoted as saying 'if they can't get you when you're alive, they'll get you when you're dead.'

Finally, you have to wonder how someone who claims to be so religious could produce so many misleading, distorted, and inaccurate campaign ads, including the most recent one, saying Jeep was moving it's production facilities out of Ohio to China. - DREW MOODY is a former newspaper editor, and is a writer, reporter and photographer.


Opinion/Comment by Dr. Richard Cain

I recently saw a commercial by President Obama attacking Romney's character. It got me thinking, what has Obama done to prove his character?

Before he was President he associated with communists, terrorists, and attended a church where the pastor cursed America, character is not only what you do when no one is watching, but what you do when your view is unpopular with your peers, he either did nothing, didn't disagree with the views, or "didn't see or hear anything."

All of these in my opinion show a lack of character. Since he has been President what has he done to show his character?

He promised to close Guantanamo in the first 90 days of his presidency, it's still open.

He promised to have health care debates on the C-SPAN about healthcare, never happened.

He promised to reach across the aisle and reach bipartisan solutions to problems, never happened.

He promised while campaigning to have the most transparent administration ever. He has had the most recess appointments, most czars appointed, and has declared executive privilege and top-secret whenever investigations of the administration are attempted, so again, didn't happen.

Regarding healthcare, candidate Obama in 2008 said the current Medicare system was unsustainable. Now that he is running for reelection he's saying he will not change Medicare, both statements cannot be true.

What is true is that Obamacare will significantly decrease what Medicare covers. Further falsehoods in Obamacare, are that everyone will be covered, about 20 million are not.

And that you can keep your own insurance, doctor, or hospital; not necessarily true as these may not exist or take your plan after Obamacare kicks in. I could go on and on but space limitations prevent it.

As they say in the stock market past performance does not guarantee future performance. His supporters have pointed that he has a character witness in Bill Clinton, who as President, planted and watered the seed of the housing bubble that burst with disastrous results triggering part of our problems now.

He was impeached for lying under oath and is a serial adulterer, so excuse me if I don't believe him.

I do not believe President Obama when he says he'll make things better for the middle-class; of which I'm a member, all he has done so far is run up the debt.

I and others in the middle class are already paying almost 50% in taxes; (federal, state, local, gas, food, levies, etc.), no one in the Democratic Party is talking about giving the middle class any relief from these current taxes.

I am not a member of the Republican Party but at least some of its candidates are talking about cutting spending. I think cutting tax loopholes and increasing revenue are way overdue.

If the Romney plan doesn't increase revenue, he has shown the ability to work with the other party when he was governor of Massachusetts.

I think he would be able to get this done better than President Obama who has failed to do it in the last 4 years, and even failed to follow any recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles' debt reduction commission that he convened.

While Romney is far from perfect, Obama is not fit to be a judge of his character, in my opinion.

If you want a chance to reduce government spending and therefore debt; your choice is clear; Romney/Ryan for President/VP. - DR. RICHARD CAIN is a Calhoun native and practices medicine in Marietta, Ohio.

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