RURAL FREE DELIVERY - Has American Character Gone Missing?


By Mack Samples

As I listen and watch the current campaign for president, I am a little amused at what is being said about whether we are better off than we were four years ago. I don't know about that. But I do know that Americans do not have the same set of values and strong character that they exhibited 60 or 70 years ago. As I listen to all the hot air about what's wrong or right with America, the deep recesses of my mind tell me the problems of this country run much deeper than the current economic malaise. Americans have lost their mettle.

Do you believe for one moment that current Americans would make the sacrifices that were made during the Great Depression and World War II? What would be the reaction now-a-days if the government suddenly said that there would be no more coffee, or sugar, or (heaven forbid) gasoline? There would be an immediate explosion across this land. There would be rioting in the streets. It has become very apparent to me that most of our current population believes that the role of government is to give, not to take away. And the very moment that the government started to take away something that has been generally available, we would have bedlam.

All you have to do is listen to what people say on television when times get a little hard. You hear statements such as "I can only take my family out to eat once a month instead of a couple of times a week." Now that is what I call hard times! Or look at what happened after the big storm that hit West Virginia in June. A temporary shortage of gasoline brought fist fights at the gas pumps. How many times did people eat out during the Great Depression or World War II? Were there fist fights at the gas pumps during World War II when you couldn't get any gas?

Or, what would happen if the government suddenly said there would be no more entitlement programs? What if those great minds in Washington really did eliminate Medicare and Medicaid? When I think about these things, I always think of my maternal grandfather who lived his eighty-nine years on forty six acres and never received one cent from either the state or federal government. It never occurred to him to ask the government for help if his garden failed, or if his cow died. When the government told him that he couldn't have any sugar or coffee, he just shrugged and went on with his life.

What did that 'greatest generation" do when they had to give up their comfortable lives and go get shot at in some god-forsaken place? They just shrugged and did it. AND, THEY DIDN'T CRY ABOUT IT WHEN THEY CAME HOME! They just went on with their lives.

The problem real problem with this country is that what passes for Americans now-a-days are the products of a totally different set of genes. It has been written that the Brits lost their gene pool during World War II. Most of their best and brightest were killed trying to defend their island. I am sure that is true to some extent for America. A lot of good Americans died, too. Our gene pool has also been eroded by a flood of immigrants who do not have the mindset of the old stock Americans and the earlier bands of immigrants who flocked to our shores.

Seems like the new immigrants just want to get established and live off the government. Decades of giving people everything they wanted whether they needed it or not produced a new breed. I may have misread history, but I can't recall reading that the American government gave the Irish, the Italians, the Poles, and the Russian immigrants everything they needed when they arrived on our shores. We gave them opportunity and very little else.

The past twelve years haven't helped. First, we went through eight years of a weak, ineffective president. Currently we have one who thinks America is nothing special and that we should lower our standard of living so the rest of the world does not envy us. The fact that one of the issues of the campaign is whether or not 47 percent of us are keeping the other 53 percent is pretty scary. Worse, if that is really true, the 53 percent is obviously not able to keep the 47 percent with the current tax base. So the American government just borrows money and keeps the entitlements going. No matter who gets elected, that process is not likely to stop.

I wonder what all of those boys who stormed the beaches in the Pacific and Normandy would think of the last fifteen or twenty years of America? I don't think they would be very proud of us. I didn't storm any beaches but I'm not very proud of us either.

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