Baber Family Atonement, Killing Of Policemen


Dear Editor,

I just wanted to remark on Mr Babers letter. I am not a parent and I can by no way feel what this family Is going thru. All I know is Mr Baber and members of his family are reaching out to the Community.

He is trying his best cheap jerseys to atone for what his son has done to four families and also to West Virginia as a whole. Mr Baber said in no uncertain terms his son deserved what he got when he was shot. And yes I agree he did deserve being shot. He had taken two lives and tried for two more.

It takes a big man to sit down so soon after all of this happened and write what Mr Baber did he feels sorrow. And that sorrow is not only at his son's death but also at what his son has done.

He is christian louboutin outlet sorry for the hurt the pain for all of this. And he is sorry that he could not pull his son away from drugs. As Mr Baber wrote he and his wife tried so many times to reach Luke and they could see his suffering and his downfall coming.

Any father or mother who has children should read his letter and hope and pray that they never have to go thru what the Baber Family is going thru.

So let's all continue to pray for all the families involved that none of them hold grudges or ill feelings. I know that I am a Christian and have a deep faith and belief in my Lord and Master.

And I have prayed several times for Luke's family as well as all families involved. We must also remember that we are not the High Judge and it is God who decides the outcome of all things.

Louis vuitton replica Jim McCracken

Keyser WV