Comments On Pledge


Dear Mr. Weaver,

What has become of our Nation? The government has taken Prayer out of school and now The Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag is under attack. Our Nation is a great country with many nationalities and people from all walks of life. Many of these people may not believe in God or their God may be Buddha, etc. The forefathers of our great Country believed in God when they wrote the Constitution and the same for the Pledge of Allegiance. So now, why are these great articles coming under attack? If you do not believe in God does this give you the right to take away from those of us that do? The Prayer in schools and The Pledge of Allegiance has worked for many years in the school systems so, why change it now? If you do not believe in God then you do not have to say his name in the Allegiance or even pray for that matter but, you should have enough respect for the rest of us that do want to pray or show our devotion to our Country by recognizing our flag. Now is the time when we as Americans should be working together and put aside our petty differences. Our Country has seen enough turmoil within the last year, and we as Americans with the help of God have pulled through. I am highly surprised that someone hasn't wanted the In God We Trust taken off our currency yet. What is next taking God's name out of the Bible? Enough is enough people. Leave God alone, if you do not believe, then that is your problem. May God have mercy on your soul.

Thank You,

Regina L. Bailey

Saltville, VA