2004: AMERICA'S WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION - Globalizing, Outsourcing, Downsizing


Washington and the current polarized political campaign for president rarely mention the globalizing and outsourcing of millions of America jobs abroad, both blue collar and high tech, as a cause of the Great Recession and ongoing joblessness in the USA.

It is a problem which will continue well into this century.

Rarely mentioned in the political spin is the role of China in the nation's economy, except to blame the other party, that while America was sleeping, the USA has become a debtor nation to the giant.

Corporations have shifted 20-25 million manufacturing jobs abroad for cheap wages, no benefits and no environmental controls.

In addition to the loss of jobs, nearly a half-dozen studies say that wages and benefits for the American Middle Class have shrunken dramatically during the past 20 years, while most American corporations are making record breaking profits during the nation's greatest economic recession since the Great Depression.

The 'giant sucking sound' disputes the political platform of trickle-down economics.

AMERICA'S WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION - More Jobs Going Abroad (02/16/2004)

COMMENT Bob Weaver 2004

The "outsourcing" or globalizing of millions of blue and white collar high tech jobs to China, Mexico, India and other foreign countries is good for the U. S. economy, according to N. Gregory Mankiw, Chairman of Bush's White House Council of Economic Advisers.

Washington, both parties, have been on the globalizing bandwagon for years, and have globalized millions of jobs.

In West Virginia, both the good and low paying jobs are gone, like steel, and the low paying jobs such as tools, rubber, clothing and shoes.

"Outsourcing" is corporate lingo for telling workers "You ain't got a job." It joins other soft words for job loss like down-sizing, right-sizing and layoffs.

The loss of high-tech white collar jobs follows the loss of millions of blue collar jobs to foreign countries, where labor is cheap and benefit packages are practically non-existent.

White collar jobs are now part of the "giant sucking sound" - free trade, world trade, open markets, WTO, NAFTA and GATT.

America was suppose to have had a rebound of those jobs when blue collar production jobs go abroad.

Washington politicians, economists and corporate America say it is good for America, that "trickle down",,,,

With most of West Virginia's low to middle-income production jobs going abroad, such an endorsement should not come from the state's unemployed blue collar workers.

Several thousand jobs, mostly low-paying jobs, have left the Little Kanawha/Central West Virginia region to foreign countries in the past seven years. Many workers have lost their retirement and health benefits, including retirees. This is the dumbing down of the American pay check, most certainly damaging the American Dream and the American Middle Class.

Now high-tech workers who have earned $40,000-$90,000 a year are being replaced by high-tech professionals in India and China for $25,000 or less.

Mankiw made glowing comments regarding the jobs going abroad, "More things are trade-able than were trade-able in the past and that's a good thing." Meanwhile, America's trade deficit ballooned to an all-time high in 2003, reflecting the hearty U.S. appetite for foreign-made cars, clothing and electronics. The total trade deficit neared $500 billion, 17.1 percent larger than the previous record set in 2002, the Commerce Department reported this past week. The deficit with China alone was close to $124 billion record.

While American's slept, Washington and America has become a debtor nation to China.

Still, at the slightest bend in the road, China attacks the American democracy and violates basic civil rights which the US at least pretends to cling.

America, particularly since the Iraq war, seems to have few friends around the world, a significant failure in foreign policy.

The latest snapshot of trade activity comes amid rising tensions over global trade and worries about movement of U.S. jobs to other countries.

Little concern has been expressed among America's corporate giants or America's politicians in the past 25 years.

The tension is among American workers and families who are struggling to find a job, work two jobs, make ends meet and pay for medical care.

There is tension within state governments that are not getting enough tax money to make ends meet. Fewer jobs, fewer taxes. The Bush administration is proclaiming an "increasing economy" based on low paying service jobs.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs from major U. S. Corporations are on the fast track to be moved abroad. In the middle of this strategy, it is noteworthy to repeat - the National Debt has reached an historical high under the conservative leadership of President George Bush, after it was balanced under Clinton.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle said, "This is Alice in Wonderland economics. Nearly every state in the nation has lost manufacturing jobs, and contrary to the administration's economic theories, there is nothing good about it. The administration is putting corporate profits ahead of American jobs. And the exporting of jobs is hurting millions of Americans and countless communities across the country."

Political parties will now blame each other for the very problems they have created.

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