Dear Editor,

The decision to fill the pit although sound is premature. A plan to use the sight is not formalized.

I would like to suggest the sight for a swimming pool.I know there is interest in having a community pool and the location is perfect for such use.

nike tn pas cher Construction costs would be lower as the hole is already there. Oversight of the property for security is possible as it is adjacent to police offices. A plan for a full recreation facility was canned because of cost.

A pool by itself would be more manageable. It would create jobs, provide recreation,provide a place for therapeutic swimming close to the CCCOA, provide a place for swimming classes,emergency personnel training, an expanded capability to promote the Wood Festival as you could have water games etc.

air max pas cher It would bring people to the area on those hot summer days, giving the town a boost through expanded economic activity. A stage built against the courthouse side would add to the pools use as you could have pool party's,rental of the facility, with live music.

The possibility's abound.

Grant Clark