By Mack Samples

Those who occupied Wall Street and any other spaces that were available in cities throughout the world appeared to be all excited about the one percent of the population who enjoy all the wealth, leaving the rest of us with a pittance for survival. But I wonder, has the one percent always been with us? Will it always be with us?

Throughout recorded history at least, no matter what kind of revolutions occur, the one percent always seems to resurface. The grandest experiment of them all, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, was designed to get rid of the elite one percent in Russia and to make everyone equal in accordance with the egalitarian philosophy of Karl Marx. According to Marx the state would wither away once the ruling class was destroyed and everyone would be equal. There would be no need for an elite government class. Human greed and avarice would disappear.

So the Bolsheviks murdered the Tsar and his family (probably even poor Anastasia) and began the process of equalizing the Russian Society. But as we all know, it did no work out that way. Human greed and avarice were not destroyed in the revolution and Russia simply replaced one ruling class with another. I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that the Soviet Union had an elite class of people.

The Chinese Communists had a similar experience. Mao and his cohorts were able to eliminate the old wealthy classes in that very populace nation, and to no one's surprise, ended up with a military dictatorship with an elite class. Some of the rulers of the new elite eventually realized that there might be merit in allowing those with the desire to do so to become wealthy albeit with heavy oversight by the governing class. So China now has a government class with privileges and a growing class of wealthy capitalists. Those two groups together probably make up about one percent of China's population.

And let us not forget Cuba. Castro got rid of the wealthy class in Cuba and was never able to provide a good standard of living for the population. Had the Soviet Union not poured millions of dollars into the Cuban economy, the Castro regime (which enjoyed a one percent privileged status) would have crashed years ago.

It makes one wonder, is the one percent always going to be with us? Could it be that we are not all created equal after all? Could it be that God in his infinite wisdom endowed some folks with more talent and ability than others?

I just have this feeling that back in the pre-history days, before the great religions appeared on the earth, and before organized governments were created, there was already the one percent. I'll just bet that some of the cave men had better caves, better spears, and better looking wives than all of their neighbors.

I also have a feeling that if the "occupiers" could get organized, find a charismatic leader and somehow wrestle away the power of the current one percent, they would begin to search for ways to create a privileged status of their own.

Hur Herald from Sunny Cal
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