Disappointed In Library Levy Defeat


Every time this initiative comes on the ballot, I am disappointed to see that it has been defeated and, this last time, by so very little! I am thrilled to see that the School District has decided to pick up the cause.

While I do not live in Calhoun Co, I have family members that do. I've decided it's time to shame them into supporting this cause, if they do not already. I can remember many weekends of my high school years that were spent in the county library. We parents should encourage our children to spend more time in our libraries, not only by spending more time there ourselves and by spending a few of our dollars there, too.

I copied the article to every WV related MyFamily.com web site I am a member of. I have asked my members to do this...talk to any Calhoun Co. relatives you have and plead with them, if necessary, to support this issue. Most of us researchers don't live in WV, let alone Calhoun County, but that's no excuse for not supporting one of the most valuable resources we have. I will be making a donation to the library when I am up there mid-June, and have asked my fellow researchers to send their dollars, too. It's tax deductible and every penny will help. The cost of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk!

I have never walked out of the Calhoun County library empty handed and have always received any kind of help I've needed from the ladies that man the counter. So, whether we are parents who wish our children to learn, or genealogists on the never-ending research for our family history, I feel that to let the library flounder should be an embarrassment to any who can, but choose not to help.

Thanks for all you do

Charlene Sampson-Ramel