Dear Editor,

I am so upset by what I think was only a little slap on the wrist by these idiots that slaughted the beautiful bucks for trophie. I don't know who makes up these so called punishments for people hunting illegaliy, but to me they aren't much better then the poachers themselves!

I know the laws differ from state to state, but where I'm from, not only would the poachers get a fine, but they would also get the vehicle that they were driving at the time confiscated, as well as all of their weapons and would most likely go to jail, and would probably loose the right to hunt again.

If these laws don't change then the poaching will continue.

I can not even imagine how they can live with themselves for doing something so terrible. It's people like this that make hunting look bad for the honest hunters that go out to hunt to feed their families or donate the meat to help the needy.

I know hunting is a big deal, but I think even the honest hunters would agree with me, that the punishments should be more severe.

Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

Debbie Richards