No Hot Dogs At The Festival


Are you looking forward to the infamous Band Booster hot dogs at the Wood Festival this year? Sorry to disappoint you, but once again there will be no Band Booster hot dogs. No, the reason isn't that in previous years sales have been down. It isn't that sales aren't profitable any more. It isn't that the Band Boosters have all the money they need to pay for transportation of the band to away games and competitions and uniforms for new members.

So what is the reason? At first I thought "apathy" would be a good word to describe the reason, but according to my dictionary, "apathy" means "lack of emotion or interest," and I don't think that is the case. The Calhoun County Band is always received with excitement at games and community events, and the number of letters, E-mail, and comments from the community supporting the band is astonishing. So why would the Band Boosters not have a booth at the Wood Festival? Lack of volunteers to sell the hot dogs.

Kind of reminds me of a children's story about making bread. Who will till the fields? Not I. Who will sow the seeds? Not I. Who will till the wheat fields? Not I. Who will gather the wheat and bake the bread? I'm sure you've caught on by now. Everyone raised his hand when it came to eating the bread.

Next year, when asked, please sign up to help. Even better, don't wait to be asked. For more information about the Band Boosters, you may contact Jerry Fox, Band Booster president, at

Thank you,
Officers of the Calhoun County Band Boosters