MacFarlan Church, "A Shining Light"


Dear Editor,

I was fascinated by your recent story about MacFarlan. I enjoy your site tremendously. However, I wanted to let you know that one picture was misidentified as belonging to Nester when it should have been Nutter.

I was also terribly disappointed that you focused on so many of the negative aspects of the community but failed to mention the one shining light. MacFarlan Community Church, with Pastor Charlene Spaur, has been a staple of the community.

The church itself was brought to MacFarlan by train over 75 years ago. The church has stood boldly in a community that was always known for its wilder side. I was wondering if you could let people know that it is there and it will remain there.

The church offers a no questions asked food pantry as well as a clothing giveaway. The church will be beginning renovations to add a section devoted solely to these causes and I feel this is worth mentioning.

If you or your readers have any questions about the giveaway please feel free to contact Rev. Charlene Spaur at 428-6766 or 485-1196. God Bless you and yours and keep up the good work.

Barb (Cunningham) McKown