Reader Remembers Orma Buildings


Dear Editor,

I remember the two buildings you pictured in the Hur Herald. (See Orma under People, Humor and History.) When I was a small boy my father and mother, Horace and Gwendolyn Haught, took me there to see a movie. This occurred prior to World War II. I do not remember the movie except that it was a B-western. But I remember well the performance of Cap, Andy and Flip, a music group from Charleston.

I remember the smaller building on the east side of Route 16 as a grocery store. The storekeeper was "Onnie" McKown. I think his name was Leononidas. He was a brother to "Babe" Mckown who lived on Millstone near Arnoldsburg.

I can also remember watching baseball games in the field on the west side of Route 16. I am not sure if Orma had a baseball team. Mostly I remember the great pitching of Amos Cogar of Arnoldsburg. My great uncle, John Whytsell, was a catcher on the Arnoldsburg team.

James C. Haught (