Speed Traps Aren't Needed - Enforce The Limit


Dear Editor,

I read with interest the letter from Bill Agee and while I must admit it does present an imaginary, if somewhat sarcastic, solution it is unnecessary.

Grantsville would not have to set up artificial speed traps -- and, yes, the city does have jurisdiction over roads within its boundaries as far as speeding goes -- as suggested.

All the city would need do is enforce the speed limit on West Virginia 5 (Main Street) between the Rite Aid drug store and the town limit sign heading west toward Elizabeth.

The speed limit for that stretch of road is 25 mph. The city could give the driver the benefit of the doubt and not even start writing tickets until they reach 36 mph -- this is allowing 10 mph over the speed limit. If the city enforced the speed limit -- even a relaxed speed limit of 35 mph -- it would catch many, many speeders. The reason is that many vehicles -- especially those great big trucks -- seem to use Main Street as a launching pad for the trip toward Elizabeth and speeds of 50-plus mph is not only seen, it is commonplace.

Of course this may take the creation of a city court to levy and collect the fines, but, Grantsville would not have to create a fake speed trap -- it would just need to enforce the speed limits as they now exist.

Gaylen Duskey
Grantsville, WV