An Open Letter To Calhoun Citizens - Vote Yes On Levy


Dear Citizens, Many services are available at the local public library. Not only can you check out the best sellers, you can download it as an electronic book. We have many audio cassettes, tapes and video cassettes.

If you don't have a computer at home. you can use the computers at the library for e-mail, to surf the web or to write a paper or letter using word-processing software. There might be a small fee for printing.

Another wonderful program available at the library is the genealogy. The genealogical collection is one of the best in the state. The articles and books must be used in the library. Also, in the genealogy room are films of the Calhoun County Chronicle dating back to 1893. The films must also be used at the library.

We have a retired teacher with a Masters degree tutoring boys and girls. If your child is having difficulty, contact the library.

We have daily newspapers from the Parkersburg and Charleston area. many County papers arrive weekly from the neighboring counties. The latest periodicals are on the shelves for your use.

The fax machine can be used, there is a small fee.

A summer reading program is about ready to start, so make sure your child is enrolled.

"A Child's First Book" is given to newborns. Please let us know about your baby.

All of these services and many more are available at the Calhoun County Library. I hope you will take advantage of these benefits.

To keep our library on-going vote YES on the LIBRARY LEVY on May 14.

The rate for levy is 7/10 of one percent per $1 on class 1 property Thanks,
Grace Richards,
Calhoun County Library, Board President