Dear Mr. Weaver,

The Hur Herald is of great value to those of us who grew up and left home. I went out into the world to seek my fortune (unfortunately I never found it). But I left my heart in Calhoun County. I was born on Spring Run near Arnoldsburg and then moved to Mt. Zion Ridge where I programmed my life.

I am now an old man and have lived a good life. I usually stay up every night just to read the Hur Herald when it is fresh. I always check the obituaries. A few days ago there were two names in the obituaries: Brice Laughlin and Oleda Leach.

Brice Laughlin lived just over the low gap between Spring Run and Beech. He was just a year older than me. I remember most his playing music. I still have a record made by Brice and his group.

Oleda Leach was my mother's age. The Leach's lived near us on Mt Zion Ridge. Seldom did a day go by that my brother and I did not go to the Leach's house to play with Donald and Ruby. If we didn't go to their house, they came to ours. I moved away from Mt Zion Ridge in 1943. I pretty much lost contact with the Leach's at that time.

Brice Laughlin and Oleda Leach provided some great memories of my childhood.


James C. Haught
Hagerstown, MD