OF PRINCIPALITIES AND POWERS - An Equal-Opportunity Peace Advocate


By Tony Russell

Writer's note: This column is a sequel to the November 8, 2010, column "War? What War?" in which Uncle Whitt chastised Ace for his foolish claim that we were a nation at war. Unfortunately for Ace, he fares no better this time around in an encounter with another neighbor.

I found a parking place with twenty minutes still left on it at the side of the courthouse, and hurried out front to catch the peace protestors. With a little luck, I could finish up and get back to the car before it was time to put another dime in the meter.

Three people were standing on the sidewalk, holding hand-lettered signs and waving when a car happened to drive by. I didn't recognize a couple who appeared to be in their seventies, but my heart sank at the sight of the third one, who was all too familiar. Ms. Carrie Higgins, my former third grade teacher, now a feisty octogenarian. "How're you doin', Ms. Higgins?" I said. "What's your sign say?"

She turned, saw who I was, and held her sign up so I could see it. "You can read it yourself by now, I expect," she said.

"Give Peace a Chance," I read, and nodded. "We got a news tip that you folks had some pretty controversial messages," I told her. "Guess it was accurate. That's certainly provocative. What has the public reaction been to your sign?"

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