Supports Gilbert For County Commission


Its time to hand the male candidates for County Commission a towel, so they can wipe the mud from their hands.

I wish I lived in Calhoun County so I could vote for Lynn Gilbert. I applaud Lynn for stating BEFORE THE ELECTION what she plans to do with her commission salary. She's letting everyone know that she is willing to do whatever she can, in any way she can to help improve Calhoun County.

Yes, Lynn has married into a prominent, deep-rooted Calhoun family and yes, she has a successful dental clinic...The ONLY dental clinic in Calhoun County. But she isn't running on the Morris' coattails. Lynn has a dream and that is to make Calhoun a better place to live in, a place where Calhouners can find a job without leaving the county of the state.

The male candidates back stabbing comments made them sound as immature and insecure as small children. One of them made a statement that Lynn should have volunteered her grant writing services before she ran for election. Better check around, perhaps she already has done so. As for Lynn being an outsider; she has a home, a family and a business all located in Calhoun County. And she pays her taxes in Calhoun County, not some other county. All of that together makes her an "insider" in my opinion.

I wonder what comments they would have made if Lynn would have waited until after she won the election to make the same statement?

Lutricia Valentine

432 West South Street
Harrisville, WV 26362