Leave The Driving To Us? - Greyhound Bus Mistreats Customers


Dear Editor,

My friend Jason Porter(who lives in Big Bend) got a call from his brother in Sumter, S.C. Monday morning that his mother had taken sick and died suddenly. She was only 55. Since Jasons only been here a year, he doesn't have many friends. He recently worked for Babcock Lumber in Glenville, until he was layed off at Christmas.

Folks, myself and my son Robert Nimitz, started making efforts to Jason home for his momma's funeral, ands since he doesn't drive and we would have a hard time getting off work to drive him, we called the 800 Greyhound number.

We were told there was a bus he could catch in Marietta, OH. So we drove to Marietta to find the bus station. The number for the bus station was disconnected and no one could tell us where it was. We even asked the local campus police and they didn't know. After a six hour search, we came home to try to find a station in Charleston (via the Internet).

We found what was advertised as a 24 hour bus station in Charleston, with a 15 hour eta to S.C (per the customer service rep on the phone). The bus was suppose to leave at 11 pm out of Charleston.

Jason's sister (who is active Army stationed in Texas) was to purchase the ticket via the phone. The family took Jason to the Charleston Greyhound station and were there by 10 pm.

The customer service agents at the station were not only rude to the us after Jason's sister had purchased the ticket, but they couldn't seem to find it.

Calling the sister on a cell phone to straighten it out, the phone was handed to the guy behind the counter. The customer service rep took the phone and threw it across the counter and said, "I'm not talking to her".

It went on and on, holding up Jason so he missed the 11 p.m bus and was told it would have to take the 8 a.m. bus to S.C.

They they were told that the "24 hours station" was closing, and that any customers would have to wait outside, where it was bitter and sub-freezing.

They went outside waiting while drug busts were going on around them. It was the real stuff of nightmares. Because of work obligations, we left Jason in Charleston outside a couple hours before the 8 a.m. bus left.

Needless to say, he missed his momma's funeral.

Somehow, in all the mess, our folks managed to keep their cool during such terrible treatment and misinformation.


Cheri L. LoVine, LPN

Grantsville WV