Candidate's Donation "A Wonderful Thing"


In response to your article about Lynn Gilbert running for County Commission and wanting to donate her salary to charitable causes:

Didn't you report on April 30, 2002 that the Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department needed a new Pumper Truck? The money that Ms. Gilbert would donate to the Fire Departments in this County, could quite possibly, go a long way to help get that new/used (but newer) pumper truck for the fire department. There are also several other causes in this county that the $70,000.00 (After taxes) could benefit from.

Some of the other candidates would be using the money to further their children's education, which is a good thing also, because I know too well how hard it is to raise a child in today's economy, much less trying to figure out how I am going to send my son to college in a few short years.

Sure, Ms. Gilbert does not need the money. Her successful Dentistry business and the other business ventures that her husband and his family are into will keep them set financially for many years to come.

I think that it is a wonderful thing that Ms. Gilbert is willing to do if elected. If not for us in this county patronizing these businesses they are into, they would not be where they are today.


Linda Simmons