Speeding In Summersville


Dear Editor,

I feel that I must defend Summersville on this issue. I don't feel that you can say they have a "speed trap". The 50 mph speed limit is very well marked and they choose to enforce it. If it were not well marked then I think those traveling through that area would have room to complain.

I travel that road often and over the last ten years or so have probably been through there 200 times without being stopped one time. I choose to obey the speed limit. I travel a lot and what bothers me more than the issue at Summersville is going through an area with well posted speed limits and others passing me as if I am sitting still. Most of those drivers are locals who know the posted speed limit is not enforced or know that the "locals" will not be stopped.

It is my understanding that the police at Summersville do not discriminate based on where you are from. Now, whether or not 50 is what the speed limit should be is another issue!


Gary Nicholas

PS: Keep up the good work with the Hur Herald. I enjoy keeping up with the news from Calhoun County