Citizen May Not Vote In General Election


Dear Editor,

Regarding you article dated Thursday, September 30, 2010 "FEWER WV CITIZENS VOTING - October 12 Last Day To Register".

I have been seeing commercials on television for Joe Manchin and John Raese attacking each other, one saying they won't be a rubber stamp for Obama and the other saying how he will help the coal miners.

I firmly believe that West Virginia has more problems that need to be addressed than just coal. I do agree that they need to make the coal industry safer, and protect their jobs, although this is a hotly contended issue in other parts of the state, it doesn't really directly affect me or my family.

This seems to be all the election for the late Robert Byrd's seat is all about. I would like to know what other issues they would fight for, in addition to coal.

This is why I have decided that unless Manchin or Raese can give me a valid reason why I should vote for them, I will vote for neither! This Senate race is really the only reason to draw me to the polls, so if I don't hear something that covers other important issues from them from now until the time of the election, I will bypass the voting process this time around.

Linda Simmons,
Newton, WV