Letter To Grandma


Dear Editor, My grandmother Mable Arthur passed away and I went to the viewing but, not the funeral. The minister at the funeral asked the grandchildren to write on paper their most memorable moment of our grandmother and then put the letters in her casket and I wasn't there. I am saddened for not being able to do that so I am hoping you will print this and God will let her see.

Grandma every moment I spent with you was special. The way you always hugged me when I came to town to visit the way you whispered in my ear I was your favorite. Whether I was or not, you always made me feel like it. The way you always seemed so proud of me for no reason at all. But, I have to say my most memorable moment would be standing by your bedside watching you slowly pass right before our eyes. And how the doctor said you have been treated for 20 years or more for your heart and blood pressure and was taking several different medications prescribed to you that you didn't need. And this ultimately lead to your suffering for so long and then to your death.

As I look around the room I see your children (my aunts and uncles pain) trying to guide you to heaven I see a gasp for air a pause then another until there was nothing. And right then grandma I knew that for the rest of my life I will never have you here. It tears me up inside to think that the men we have trusted to help you betrayed our trust. For your memory grandma I spread these words so others will not feel the deep pain that I and all your children and grandchildren are enduring right now because of ignorance of these doctors. I love you and will miss you until we meet again.

your granddaughter,

Cheryl Moffette