Intercepted Letter - To School Board And Administration


To the Administration of Calhoun Schools and the Calhoun County Board of Education,

I come to speak publicly tonight as a parent, grandparent and citizen of Calhoun County and I ask that my statements be to all attending.

I am very disturbed about the sales, didtribution and use of illegal drugs going on within Calhoun Middle and High School. I speak with first hand knowledge about the problem.

I have discussed the problem with school officals and have been told it is only a few isolated cases, and given the impression that there is no serious drug problem in the school.

It "is" a serious problem when you can attach names and faces of students as I can.

Because of my first hand experience with such problems, I am also concerned about who gets caught and punished and who does not. There are drugs prescribed for people with mental ilness and pain medication being sold and traded around.

I am upset when the school system chooses to protect itself and deny the problem.

I am upset when the system does not appear to deal with unprofessional behavior from teachers, problems with violence and teachers who do not teach, yet continue in employment.

I am upset when the system does not report to the public, problems that are happening here and now. The public and the parents have a right to know.

If these problems are being dealt with we the parents and public are not made aware of it.

It is difficult for me to come before you tonight and speak of my concerns. Many of us are neighbors and friends.

I challenge each of you to not address these problems behind closed doors or in executive sessions but openly before us all the citizens who entrust our children and tax dollars to the system. We have a right to know what is being done about these problems.

I will return to the board meetings, along with others to see if you are willing to addresss these issues.

I am taliking about the lives and future of our children, mine and yours. Children who get into trouble and need help to solve their problems.

I like each of you, want the best for all our children. I wish each of you well as you consider my concerns. I respectfully request a written statement from the Calhoun County Board of Educatiion regarding these concerns.

Sue Roberts,
Millstone, WV