Time To Rebuild Calhoun Republican Party


I ran into an old friend of mine the other day. He is running for political office and I said I wished I could vote for him but I couldn't.

I have known Ron Blankenship since I learned to walk since we were neighbors and our families were friends up on Hog Knob where we grew up and I was sincere when I said I'd like to vote for him.

But I can't. The reason is Ron is running for the House of Delegates as a Democrat and I am chairman of the Calhoun Republican Executive Committee and the upcoming election is the primary election where people are not allowed to cross party lines.

He said I could change my registration but I said that I wasn't going to do that. I said I could vote for him in the fall (general election) since we (the GOP) had no candidate running.

We finished our pleasantries and went our separate ways.

I thought about our conversation later and realized two things:

1 - A vote in the general election when only one party has a candidate on the ballot is symbolic only.

2 - The fact the GOP has no candidates in the primary election - save two running for spots on the executive committee - is a crying shame.

But it is our (GOP) fault.

Somewhere way back when the GOP stopped getting candidates and stopped giving choices and that led to a migration of voters to the Democratic party just so they could "have a choice."

It has become a downward spiral and has gotten to the point where the two political parties with a choice in the primary election are the two factions of the Democratic Party. The Republicans are an afterthought.

It is time for that to change.

We need to have two political parties in Calhoun County two viable political parties. That's for the good of everyone in the county so that our elected representatives won't be elected only by the vote of the majority of one of those parties with the general election basically being just a rubber stamp.

That's why today I, as Chairman of the Calhoun County Republican Executive Committee, am asking Republicans to become involved.

Let's start with the executive committee where we will have two of 12 openings filled following the primary election. That's not good.

I can, and will, appoint people to the other 10 openings. All you have to do is contact me at my e-mail address realfang@citlink.net and let me know your interest. If you wish to run for one of the elected positions let me know that too and I will see if we can get you on the fall ballot.

For all the DINO (Democrat In Name Only) people out there come home to the GOP.

If your desire to leave the Democrats and return to the GOP isn't based on making a strong two-party system in Calhoun County then just look at the mess the national Democratic Party has made of the Constitution and various other valued American traditions.

It is time to rebuild the Calhoun Republican Party into a viable operation. Come join me in the effort.

Gaylen Duskey
Grantsville, WV