Stop "Putting Down" the Humane Society


I am writing this because I am so tired of people saying, "But won't the Humane Society Of the United States just kill the animals you turn into them?" People think about this, if people would spay and neuter then not so many animals would end up there in the first place. I have supported them and Best Friends animal sanctuary for years.

This letter is not only about that, but what happened to my daughter and her friend on the way home Saturday. As they were traveling along my daughter spotted a plastic bag along the road with what appeared to be an animal inside. When they stopped she was right. The most beautiful cat was zipped inside it and left abandoned along the road. Needless to say they brought it home. Her friend decided to take the cat home with her.

What kind of a human being does this? Then there was the incident I read about a feed sack full of dead cats someone found along the road. Where is the outrage people should feel over things like this happening? Some people may not like the Humane Society but they do the best they can, and yes they do put animals to sleep but anyone who has abandoned an animal is to blame for that. We now own nine cats and most were abandoned and injured so we took them in and when no home could be found we made a way to keep them.

We had three young cats that showed up here this past spring. King Henry was already missing an eye. He had surgery to repair the empty socket and he came with two small females. One has found a new home and Little Sister also stayed with us. They both have permanent eye damage from the infections in there eyes. They are a delight to watch.

So, people please spay and neuter and if you see an act of animal abuse speak up. We need a better system. Personally I would go for stiffer fines and jail time for those who abuse animals. If they can do this to the least of God's creations whats to stop them from hurting humans next. If a child abuses animals they will grow up to abuse more that just animals. Teach your children to respect all life and people who put the Humane Society down should look again at the people who have to see these abused animals every day and do the work no one else wants to.

Sincerely, Rena Bowman