Reader Seeks Photo Of Mother


Dear Editor, I just recently became acquainted with your site, and I found it to be very interesting. I was born in Calhoun County on April 21, 1949. My parents were Woodie and Callie Marie Sampson Duncan. My mother died the day after my birth at her home of childbirth complications. I believe they lived on Wolf's Run.

I was not raised by my natural family, but I am in contact with two sisters. Neither have pictures of our Mother and do not know of any in existence. If any of your readers may possibly have known her, or have a picture of her, I would enjoy hearing from them.

I also saw the 4/16/2001 entry of The Keaton House. My father's sister, Annie Keaton, lived there. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her, she corresponded with me a few times. It was very interesting to see a first cousin of mine and his wife now live there. I have a feeling I probably have many relatives in Calhoun County.

Thank you for your time, and again, Bob, you have a great site. If anyone can help me with information or a picture of Callie Marie Sampson, please contact me at Thank you kindly.


Geneva Kay Duncan Geach