GSC Needs Adequate Parking


Dear Editor,

Today I watched the razing of the Fern Rollyson house (Carl Carr's property) between Howard and Johnson St. in downtown Glenville. I remember when Fern lived in the stately old home back in the early 70's. I understand the Glenville State College had bought the property and is, no doubt, going to develop it.

My concern is what they will do with it. I have not heard or sat in on discussion of the future plans for this lot, but I will express what I feel NEEDS to be done with it.

That location and the way the topography is on it is a perfect spot for a parking garage. I can envision a 4 or perhaps 5 floor garage with perhaps 150-200 spaces. There would be access from Howard St. to the lower levels and access from Johnson St. to the upper levels.

I think the way the college is expanding dorms without adequate parking is absurd. I see cars using Main St. parking places, roadside shoulders under virtually crumbling cliffs, My private lot, and anywhere else they can get close enough to walk to school. To build anything other than a parking lot or garage for students would be totally irresponsible. I understand they routinely issue (SELL) many more parking passes than they have space for and I do realize that not all students have classes at the same time, but there should still be adequate parking which there is not!

My estimation is that Construction costs could be less than $5 million. I also see a need to widen Howard and Johnson St. some, if possible.

Let's hope the "brain trust" of GSC has the ability to do the right thing with this lot.

Thank you,
Sam Arnold, Glenville