Dear Editor,

I have been reading many of the stories that are written in the Hur Herald, and I must say that they have grabbed my attention completely. I have been here at my computer for most of three hours - lost in time. And though I am using modern technology to access the stories, I get a sensation of sitting on the front porch of an old general store, listening to stories as they are being told. It feels as though I personally know the people that you write about here.

Please don't ever stop adding more to the Herald. It is a joy and pleasure to visit the past with you. Thank you for being there. I am ordering the Hur Herald volume I on CD today, and I am confident that I'll be glad I did. Again I thank you for the time you have spent to enrich our lives. I've written a tiny poem just for you. It is yours to do with as you please.

I found hurherald online
I'm glad I found it there
The joy it has given me
I'm trying hard to share.

I'll e-mail everyone I know
To tell them of your site
I'm so excited over it
I may not sleep tonight.

Some stories make me wanna cry
While others make me smile
Most of them are the best read
I've seen in quite a while.

Sheila Hartshorn