A Fair Trade



It was my good fortune to find your website this morning. I've bookmarked you and also sent you off to members of my family and some friends, (I think I have two of them) I'll look forward to the Herald from now on , just to start my day off with a bang, or at least a damp fizzel.

Move over Lake Wobegon , move over Garrison Keiler, here comes Bob Weaver, from Hur, WV .

My little woman Eva (4' 10") also was looking over my shoulder reading your paper. Hate it when she does that . It steams up my glasses and I can't read. Think she does it on purpose .

You can print my letter anywhere you want as long as I can put your outhouse picture up in our living room. I want to have it blown up to two feet by six feet but the wife thinks it will look like we're trying to put on the dog , sort of. She wants to make it just eighteen inches by twenty four inches. I guess that's OK but I'm still going to have Horace Spritzenburger over in Crud Flats frame it.

I want it nice, because it's just what we have been looking for to put over the old bus seat in our living room.

Wait till our neighbor digs out in the spring after the thaw and flood. He and his seven kids, his wife, their two hounds and his two mothers in law come over and stay until the water goes down and then their going to see our picture.

I'm afraid my wife is going to spoil the effect though. She wants to ring them and tell them about it before they get here. I'm so mad I might even cut the wire.

Stan May
Cass City, MI