Dear Editor,

David was the best friend I ever had in my life.

We graduated from CCHS together, entered the Army together and have always tried to get together about once every ten years.

His mother was one of three Calhoun County residents that I knew when I grew up that always impressed me (and perhaps influenced me) the most.

The other two were Gladys Stump and Ray Reading.

I have gone on record with my praises for these three people, from my many recollections of life in Calhoun County that I wrote for my two daughters.

Some of the latter I passed on to the Hur Herald.

Am sure you are very much aware of some of the obvious reasons that I was so fond of Gladys.

I consider Gladys and Eva Hathaway as two of the greatest ladies that I have ever known.

I also often times wonder if Thelma McCoy Roach's influence - at an early age for me - did not contribute much to my emotional makeup.

I can still "feel" her enthusiasm for life. She always made me feel so good. Well, I must now end this sentimental journey.

David and I oftentimes "talked" about the greatness of the Hur Herald.

Albert Ball