WVRC Sports Announcer Apologizes


Dear Editor,

This letter is written in response to the letter written by Sharon and Mike Laughlin concerning some remarks that was made during the Roane, Calhoun Football game Friday night.

After reviewing what was said I can understand why they would be upset. My comment was intended to describe a situation, not to demean or dishonor a particular player. I can see now how it could be interpreted otherwise.

I broadcast football to give all the players recognition for their accomplishments. I will not make excuses for this error only to apologize in print and on the air to anyone who was offended by what was said.

I realized when I started that I had a long way to go to become a good announcer but the radio station was on the verge of dropping Calhoun Football. I just wanted to keep in on the air for the students.

Again I apologize.

Jim Sullivan