Dear Editor,

In the 9/30/09 edition of the Hur Herald (republished from The WV Record), an article was printed regarding a lawsuit between a local gas producer, Drilco, and Dominion Transmission.

This article referred to the complaint which "alleges" that our company "lost" documents relevant to the suit. This allegation is absolutely untrue.

As president of Gas Analytical Services, I take serious exception to this statement being included in the complaint. Our attorney has advised me that in a civil action, the content of a complaint cannot be the basis for a claim of defamation, so our only course of action is to publicly denounce the statement as untrue.

Gas Analytical Services was aware that the documents were to be sent and we were carefully watching for their arrival.

We monitored the mail and other delivery services for many days anticipating the receipt of the documents.

The documents were either not sent or were lost in transit. Either way, they were never received.

Gas Analytical Services provides services in and around Calhoun County on a regular basis and I am sure many of our customers are Hur Herald readers. We feel our integrity and reputation has been tarnished in a dispute in which we have no stake.

We feel victimized by the statement in the complaint and felt it necessary to set the record straight.

Our company did not commit the error with which we were charged.


Steve Sly


Gas Analytical Services, Inc.