Dear Editor, I just felt a need to send you a message in regards to the article you wrote about the fire at Miletree. No more than two weeks prior to that incident I placed my mother at Miletree due to her health deteriorating to the point that she needed 24/7 care. As I try to do each day I call Miletree to check on my mother and chat with her if she isn't busy doing an activity. Just so happened I called at the very time of the day that the dryer had caught fire. I could hear the alarm in the background, but when I was talking to the lady that answered the phone I was very much at ease due to the calmness in the person's voice I was talking with.

Later that evening I went to Miletree to visit my mother, I didn't go because of the fire, this was just a scheduled trip. When I entered the building I couldn't even smell smoke and it was business as usual. I saw a light on in the administrative area so I stopped by there to see what had happened. As I had seen many times before, Shanna Hall, Miletree's administrator was busy at work. I wonder if this lady ever goes home. She took time to explain what had happened in regards to the fire and even said that she had talked with my mother.

Just before I left Shanna smiled and said, I am so proud of my staff here, they were outstanding today during this episode. You know, even being an outsider I could understand exactly what she meant.

My mother who gets very excited about situations that may cause fear or harm was very calm in speaking about the incident; she even chuckled about having a little excitement. Her comment to me was, even though I couldn't see what was going on, the staff was very kind and quick to react to all of us.

So without further adieu Bob, I want to thank everyone at Miletree for being so gracious, efficient and understanding to the needs of the folks that live there, and to those of us who have family there. I have witness your quality care first hand and wish to say it is TOP SHELF in my book.


Donnie Price