Our daughter, Tia had hip surgery, requiring bone grafting for a benign bone tumor in Akron, Ohio on January 17th. She is recovering well and should be returning to school in two weeks. Tia is not permitted to put any weight on her left leg and will continue to be on crutches tentatively for the next 3 months or until the bone starts to heal.

I'm ashamed to admit she first mentioned pain in her hip last March. Because she is so active, I assumed she had probably pulled a muscle. During volleyball season last fall, the pain became more intense and I asked her doctor to x-ray her hip. Needless to say, I was totally unprepared to learn there was a tumor on the femur bone, in the hip area.

Her doctor referred her to an orthopedic surgeon in Parkersburg, who in turn sent her to an orthopedic oncologist in Akron, Ohio the day after Christmas for further evaluation. We spent Christmas a little unnerved by this, not knowing what to expect. The doctor in Akron was fairly comfortable in assuring us the tumor would be benign and suspected it to be one of 3 different types of tumors, although the tumor was not what he expected it to be. It was a chondroblastoma tumor, a rare painful tumor normally found in younger people primarily males. Dr. Scott Weiner has an excellent reputation and although this tumor can re-occur feels the changes of that are only 10%. She will have to have x-rays every 3 months to ensure the tumor does not re-occur.

Tia had lost the use of her leg by the time surgery was performed and was experiencing a great deal of pain. Thankfully surgery took care of both those problems. We are very grateful to God for answering the many prayers for her recovery and her many friends for calling and stopping in to visit keeping Tia cheerful. Tia has been so blest to receive cards, candy, flowers, visits and my personal favorite, (as I got to share and enjoy with her) a full homecooked meal.

Joan Satterfield