A Special Thank You From Flood Victims


Thank you to Craig Gherke, Steve Heath and Ryan Schartiger from the Grantsville VFD and Arnoldsburg VFD for helping us evacuate and the safe "cruise" up Henry's Fork. You risked your lives to save ours and we appreciate that.

Thank you to Al and Sue Steele and Ron Mowery, our neighbors, who worked so hard cleaning up mud and whatever else was needed. We don't know what we would have done without you and your power equipment.

To Janet Marks who cleaned, kept us from starving and brought dehumidifiers, thank you.

To Dr. Cain for caring so graciously for our dog, Taffy, thank you.

Thank you to the American Baptist Men for all their hard work and clean up.

Thank you to our daughters who worked really hard and supported us and to Robin who opened her bed & breakfast to us.

To those who offered prayers, words of encouragement or money, thank you.

We know we can never re-pay you. We would like to encourage everyone to support your fire department and rescue squad. If a neighbor needs help, lend a helping hand. You never know that possibly someday you may need support.

God bless you all - love,

Bob and Linda McCartney