Hall of Unfame


Dear Bob,

Serendipity is a wonderful thing! As an "e-subscriber" to both the Hur Herald and the Journal of Mundane Behavior and "snail-mail" recipient, eventually, of the WV Hillbilly (which is always expressing the desire to increase tourism in WV), the brilliant idea hit me.

It was triggered by a fellow JMB reader in New Zealand who is a member of two groups who are striving to "priviledge" the mundane, the "ordinary" people (though one dare not call an Aussie that).

Not every West Virginian can become a Chuck Yeager or a Homer Hickham! What about the rest of us??? Don't we deserve some recognition?

There are Halls of Fame in virtually every state drawing tourists, so why shouldn't WV have a Hall of Unfame? And where could there be a more appropriate, or needy, location than Hur, Calhoun County, WV?

All of the mundane tourists of the world would flock there, becoming part of the exhibits and being granted membership and their picture on the wall for merely the $20 admission fee. The county would be flush with minimum wage jobs at the new Burger King, Shoney's, Holiday Inn, etc. Sales of coal statuettes would skyrocket (no pun intended).

Senator "King-of-Pork" Byrd could easily fund the Hall of Mundanity (or whatever inane name was chosen by the locals), the necessary new 4-lane, N-S& E-W corridors, and the new Calhoun County International Airport.

The Hur Herald would have to start a multi-lingual print edition for visitors who left their laptops at home.

Given the econmic boom and the international notoriety, it might become appropriate to move the state capitol and it's mundane politicians to Hur.

As an out-of-state native WVian, I hope that you or one of the local civic leaders will pick up this ball and run with it.

John M. Gutermuth

EDITORS NOTE: We do revere the mundane here in Sunny Cal, a murder every fifteen years, no fast food, no traffic jams - just quiet evenings at home with family and neighbors. This Hall of the Mundane might change all that. So if you don't care, maybe you could build it in Georgia. We do give tours of our outhouse at Hur, although lighted and heated with a small library and a TV, it is still pretty mundane. BW