Dear Editor, We were recently blessed with a new baby, Maddisyn Mae Dukes, she was early, but in good health. I was also blessed with a malignant brain tumor, Glioblastoma Multiforme, I didn't name that! That, also, being the reason Maddy was early. Hopefully, you are thinking right now, how a tumor can be a blessing. I'll tell ya'.

Since we found out of the dreaded thing, we also found our way back to God. That, being the blessing. The things I worried about before no longer seem important. As much as I worried about everything before this diagnosis, I worry about nothing now. I can and do put everything in Jesus hands and He takes care of it all for me.

After all, He already paid the entire price for our lives and why should we pay again. As much as my doctor thinks I am doomed, so to speak, God says I am not. An evangelist from Ohio, and a wonderful friend to my dad, drove to Weston three times already to pray and be with my family. During his first prayer, God told us, through him, that I would live to see my children raised. And God does not lie. He sometimes ministers at the Arnoldsburg Community Church, and I encourage everyone to go listen to him. His name is Robert Johnson, and he is a good and loving man, along with his wife, Helen, they travel great distances to share what God can do for us.

Many know Cleston Garrett, he has been here, also. He is such a blessing and the church keeps me going. I can't thank him enough! I am healed of this awful thing that satan tried to give me. I go to treatment at Ruby Memorial five days a week and ask everyone to pray for my doctor and the staff there, they see death everyday and it is hard to reach them. I wish everyone would open their hearts and feel the peace that I feel.

When I was first diagnosed, I wanted to somehow "save" Maddy. I didn't want her to get close to me and love me, I was already checking out on Jordie, Jacob, and Mykaila, how could I do that to another? But, those feelings are gone now, and I am confident that I will be here for them, as God said, He will send Angels to protect you.

I know Calhoun County is a God County, so, everyone, keep praying for the ones who are in the hospitals and that go through the treatments everyday, please. And, most of all, pray for the ones who don't know, Him, they don't know what they are missing!

Karen Conley Dukes