Dear Editor, There is a petition at most of the game checking stations trying to get the old muzzle loading season to run until the end of December.

There are a lot of sportsmen and women out there that would love the chance to get to hunt with the muzzle loading rifle. This is why I'm working on getting the season extended. Don't know if it well happen but at least the people well have their say.

The petition states:

To whom it may concern we the undersigned on this petition would like to see the following law changed for the 2002 hunting season.

(1) After regular buck and doe season, extend muzzle loading season through December 31.
Reason for the change. We have Two weeks of buck season and in most counties we have two weeks of doe season. You say that you want more deer killed so let the Muzzle loading people have more time.

For more information or to post a petition in your business call Billy Morris 354-7199 or e-mail katbud@hotmail.com .

Billy Morris