THE FROG POND - Martin And Me


By Suzanne Mazer Stewart

The debate still rages in parts of the country over whether or not we should commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. with a national holiday. Now, I have nothing against the man or his holiday. I believe more great men and women should be noted for their accomplishments. The trouble I have is that the government has made a SCHOOL holiday out of it.

Believe me, the last thing I need in January is another day with all the kids in the house. Between weekends, snow days, the frigid, bitter weather and "Faculty Senate" days, it's a wonder I have any sanity remaining to carry over into February. Perhaps it's just because January falls so soon after Christmas break. I haven't had enough time to build up any resistance.

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. I really do. That's the main reason they've been allowed to live as long as they have, truth be known. There's a limit, though, to just how much time I can spend trapped in our house with them. Let them out, you say? That really isn't much of a help, either.

First, there's the half hour or so it takes to get them dressed and ready to go. And you know, as soon as the last mitten is on, the last boot laced securely, the last scarf wound tight, someone is going to have to go to the bathroom. Never fails. I'm beginning to think the main ingredient in snow pants lining must be crushed fluid pills. Then, there's no chance for relaxation after you close the door, either. No, you have to diligently watch to make sure no one, read "the boy", throws snowballs at anyone's unsuspecting face. Or dumps an avalanche of snow down anyone's back, for that matter. And then, when they come in, you might as well have the tray with hot chocolate in one hand and the mop in the other. Forecasts call for one to three inches of snow on the living room floor.

It's no better leaving them inside all day. The UN should make peace negotiators available on a 24 hour hotline whenever there's a snow day anywhere. They could give us poor mothers a break. Just the other day, the kids got into a screaming match because somebody passed gas and wouldn't confess!

And all this because one man stood for peace, non-violence, and a better way!?!

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