POLYNERVOUSTICKS - Around The Mountain State


By Bob Weaver

FANNY THE SEILER WRITES ABOUT MC CARTY - The Gazette's political columnist has written about Judge Charles McCarty and his efforts toward retirement. She has reported that Gov. Underwood "granted" McCarty's retirement at the last minute, but the 65-year-old judge has been declared ineligible, since he does not have enough time.

CALHOUN AND ROANE TOP THE LIST - Roane and Calhoun County reached about 17% unemployment, topping the list for the "worst" in West Virginia.

ODE TO THE GAZETTE AND THE KANAWHA VALLEY - Where crime, shootings and murder lurk close to our beautiful Capitol, blighted squalor prevails in much of the town and people are leaving by the droves. It must be refreshing to send reporter Tara Tuckwiller to Sunny Cal to take pictures of divorced people, tobacco products, and diamond rings, as if each had something to do with the other. We Calhouner's don't much "cotton" to the portrayal.

BOARDS OF EDUCATION HOLD POLITICAL POWER? - It is sadly reported school systems in 38 West Virginia counties are the biggest employers, 11 others the second biggest. Can it be assumed when school systems (their employees) mess up, fail and perform very badly - the local folks barely whimper under their breath?

BENEDUM FOUNDATION GIVES WEST VIRGINIA $14.5 MILLION - Some area groups get some help: Central Appalachian Arts and Crafts Coop of Sutton, $72,795; Community Resources, Inc. of Gilmer County, $5000; Community Resources of Wirt County, $5000; Mountaincap of West Virginia, low income housing of Sutton, $25,000; Mountaineer Food Bank of Gassaway, $233,000.

The Mountaineer Food Bank is a jewel of a program, redistributing food throughout West Virginia through hundreds of programs and agencies to feed those who need some help. It is a grassroots effort that has grown into a model of efficiency, but more importantly getting food to where it is needed.

CLINTON NOTCHED DOWN, ONE MORE TIME - Sitting at the dinner table at LK Soil Conservation meeting last week, some of my Republican friends like Sen. Donna Boley and Delegate Bob Ashley, rebounded above my disgust over Uncle Cecil's shoddy actions in Brotherly Charleston. President Clinton's last minute pardon of well-known thug and criminal Marc Rich, who contributed well to the Clinton coffers.

Rich (who purchased the former Kaiser Aluminum plant at Ravenswood) made oil deals with Iran while American's were held hostage, has been on the "wanted" list with 51 counts against him for trading with the enemy. He has been trying to come back to America for years from Switzerland, so now, thanks to President Clinton, let us hang the flags and say welcome home Mr. Rich. Hang your head low, Bill Clinton, hang your head low...

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