Walker Should Be Tried For Treason


Dear Editor, I'm new at this computer/e-mail game, so I'm doing a lot of stumbling around. I very much wanted to vote on whether John Walker should be tried for treason, or not, but all my efforts to get in touch with CNN came to naught! Its almost too late now, but I thought maybe I could get through to the Hur Herald; not that anyone cares, but me!

I certainly do think he should be tried for treason! If he hasn't committed treason, nobody has. Handing him this excuse that he's young and misguided is a lot of malarkey. There are plenty of young men in his age group who made a conscious choice to fight for their country. He made a conscious choice to fight against it.

Its time we brought personal responsibility back into all our dealings and, especially where it concerns loyalty to this country!

Thank you for hearing me out!

Patty Johnson, Vincent, Ohio