Al Hogan's Helping Hands


Dear Editor,

My name is Kelly (Arthur) Edwards. A couple weeks ago my car was stolen from my mom's residence in Wirt County and was found a few days later up a holler in Ritchie County, burned to a crisp.

We have no clue who took it, or why.

This was my only means of transportation to work in Parkersburg. The insurance is still investigating the theft, and my rental car has to go back this week.

It had been a few years since I had been to Al's Barn in Calhoun, when my Dad was still living, and my boyfriend had never been to a bluegrass outing, so we made the trip last Friday night just to say hey to everyone and enjoy the music.

We had been there for a little while and I was talking with Al, remembering the times when our family played music with them, when he asked me if I had ever acquired that 12 string guitar that I had always wanted. I said no, never quite had the extra cash to get one, and then I told him about how my car had just been stolen and it would take me awhile to get back on my feet.

He was shocked, as is everyone, thinking how rarely something like this happens around here, but the evening went on, singing and having a good time. A few hours later, he sat down beside me and informed me that he had taken it upon himself to get me a car. There was no arguing with him, his mind was set.

I was absolutely dumbfounded that he would want to do this for me. Never in my life has anyone just handed me something at no cost, and expected nothing at all in return.

Today is Sunday, and I now have a car. In just 2 days, this man has completely turned my life around and made it possible for me to move on. Al Hogan is a true gem to this community, and I can't help but wonder how much better this world would be if there was more people like him.

Thanks for your time,

Kelly Edwards