Positives For Coal Mining


Letter to the Editor,

First, I would like to say Thank You, to the ones, that joined with me ,in helping to keep the Hur Herald online. In the past seven years, I have lived in seven different towns. I was able to keep in touch with home,wherever I was, thanks to the Herald.

There are articles I agree with and others I don't. I feel the negative articles on Coal Mining far outweigh the positive.

My first real knowledge of coalminers, was many years ago, when a family in Grantsville, lost a member of their family,in a terrible accident. When Donna, Brents' wife came into our family, I learned more,her Father was a Coalminer also.

In 2001, I met Stan, a coalminer. In seven years, I have learned a lot about coal.

Stan has been in the mines 38 years. He has held positions of Move Foreman, Section Foreman, Maintenance Foreman, Longwall Foreman, Shift Foreman, Belt Coordinator, Mine Foreman, Mine Superintendent, Coal Group Vice President, Coal Company President.

He has also served on many Mine Rescue Teams. He has worked both Union and Non Union mines.He grew up in a coal camp, his Father being the Superintendent of the mine.

Stan now, is the Superintendent of a coal mine. It is like one big family. These men and their families are a part of our family. We hurt, when they have personal problems going on in their lives, and we are so proud of accomplishments they achieve in the mine and in their personal lives.

Yes, coalminers do make very good money. I have often told him, that Calhoun County has many young men who are good workers and would make great coalminers. Coalmining, is an occupation not addressed there.

My Grandson from Gilmer County, is a coalminer and loves the job. Stan has told him many times "you don't fear the mine, but you had better respect it".

I think everyone knows about electricity and coal, but I wonder how many know some of the products that come from coal. A few of those are paving, roofing, water proofing, varnish, batteries, wood preservative, radio/tv parts, linoleum,fire proofing, lipstick,toothpaste,soda water, food preservatives, artificial silk,sugar substitute,dyes, baking powder, cosmetics, bowling balls, perfumes, MEDICINES, billiard balls, photography, and much, much, more.

Recently, Stan did a program for a third grade class in Georgia on coal mining. The students and the teachers were amazed at what they learned about coalmining.

If any school or organization would like to learn about coalmining, email me coalminerslady@hotmail.com and Stan could possibly work out a time to come and show what a coalmine is really like.

The POSITIVES do outweigh the NEGATIVES.

Linda Reed Edwards
6 Valley View Drive
Buckhannon WV 26201