OPINION & COMMENT - Geologist Fears Massive Rockslide Of Mt. Rushmore



A massive rockslide may be eminent on Mt. Rushmore.

Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt will probably start crumbling when they get wind of the $700 billion bail out of Wall Street.<

Look at the back side of a dollar bill, while you still have one.

"Novus Ordo Seclorum" - a new order of the ages begins.

Indeed, a new chapter in humanity's struggle for the rights of the common man was written with the blood of those who sacrificed to bring this new order into being by men of uncommon genius, vision, and integrity.

The American Revolution stands out in humankinds' struggle to build and maintain a just and sustainable society.

Have we become so lost from the real American values, from our own history as a people, that we can believe any of the founding revolutionaries would approve of giving such a blatant reward for mismanagement, dishonesty, and outright fraud?

By real American values, I mean self-reliance, a strong work ethic, the freedom to make mistakes, and the personal and collective integrity to take responsibility for those mistakes.

It took the government 10 years to raise the minimum wage for this country's workers just $1.14. How long does it take the Congress to raise their own salaries?

Recall President Bush's veto of the CHIPs program to insure children? This could not be allowed; it was a 'budget buster'.

The income guidelines were too high - some middle class children might get on the "rolls."

How is it that a $700 billion bail out of Wall Street is not considered a 'budget buster'?

Surely Washington should be penalized.

As a penalty, let them figure out a way to pay their own hospital bills.

Citizens, I ask you to consider what we may have purchased with that $700 billion.

Consider the lack of funding for our educational system, our industrial base abandoned and left in decay, the closure of veteran's hospitals, and the disgraceful condition of the ones that remain open.

This is OUR money that we are asked to fork over by Treasury Secretary Paulson with little oversight or accountability (government interference?).

Have we as a people become so dumbed-down that we are willing to fall for a notion that this is a good idea and that this situation has been made too complex to understand?

That only the management geniuses who got us into this mess in the first place have the wisdom to lead us out of it?

You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or even an earth scientist like me) to figure it out.

We have long ago lost control of our Republic.

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