STATE POLICE BEAT MAN NEARLY TO DEATH IN WELCH - Man Complained About Officers Drunken Behavior



State Policemen Severely Beat Welch Man

Officers Went To 911 Center To Confiscate Tape And Destroy Evidence

Rose: I'm in downtown Welch and somebody's firing shots at the American Legion, and I've got a house full of kids and them troopers are having a party, and they're out in the alley shooting guns.

Dispatcher: OK, what's your name, sir?

Rose: My name is Neal Rose.

Dispatcher: At the American Legion?

Rose: Yes. They're in downtown Welch. They're in the back alley shooting guns off.

Dispatcher: OK. ... OK, we'll get someone over there to check it out.


Woman: Have they checked on that down on Wyoming Street?

Dispatcher: Yes, they're checking on it now, ma'am.

Woman: Well, OK, but ... whoever's doing it is still shooting or whatever they're doing out there. I don't know what they're doing. It just shot then. I don't know who it is. ... It's right across the street. I live right across the street from J. Douglas Mortuary, and it sounds like it's right down below my door or maybe two doors away from me.


Dispatcher: Welch City Police.

Rose: There's some people shooting guns off behind the American Legion.

Dispatcher: OK, yeah, we got somebody getting ready to check on it now.

Rose: I seen a damn Welch cruiser pull up in the alley behind the American Legion and stop for 10 minutes and talk to him. He backed out and left, and they started shooting again. Now I've got a house full of kids up here, buddy, and I know what's going on over there, and I know whose party it is. ... Now I've got to work in the morning. I've got three kids upstairs, all of them under 10 sitting up watching movies and some drunk asshole is ... shooting guns off in my f--ing back yard. And you all ain't going to do nothing about it 'cause he's got a badge and that's bullsh-. ...

Dispatcher: OK, sir, just calm down. ... I just got two officers just going right back up there. I got a couple of calls on it, and they're going right back there to the scene.

Rose: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I'm excited, but ... if I was to get my gun out and start shooting, I would either get shot or arrested.

Dispatcher: I understand. I understand how you feel.

Rose: And I understand the job those guys do, and I appreciate it. But, come on, man, you know. This is too much. This is too much.

(CALL TO 911)

Rose: Upstairs, don't turn the light on.

Dispatcher: What is your emergency?

Rose: The State Police are trying to kill me.

Dispatcher: They're trying to kill you?

Rose: Yes, they were in the back shooting 9 mms and I called the law on them, and now they're trying to kick my door in and whip me, and they told me they were going to ...

Dispatcher: Hold on just one minute, sir. Is that your kids crying?

Rose: Yes, it is. You better call off the dogs, lady. This is a billion-dollar lawsuit I got going here.

Dispatcher: Sir, I don't have any control over them. All I can do is dispatch an officer. I'm a citizen just like you are. I understand that you're upset.

Rose: Do something. Get them down here quick because ...

Dispatcher: What's your address, sir?

Rose: 130 McDowell Street. They're already up in my apartment. I've come downstairs. Please help me. ...

(CALL TO 911)

Follrod: I live at Welch at the Sports Den.

Dispatcher: Yes, ma'am.

Follrod: They're trying to kill him. Help us.

Dispatcher: Do what, honey?

Follrod: They're trying to kill him.

Dispatcher: Who's trying to kill, honey?

Follrod: The State Police are.

Dispatcher: The police are? Where is he right now?

Follrod: At the Welch Sports Den.

Dispatcher: Where is your husband now?

Follrod: With me.

Dispatcher: OK, honey, what is your name?

Follrod: Chastity Follrod.

Dispatcher: Chastity what?

Follrod: Follrod, F-O-L-L-R-O-D. Get here quick at Welch.

Dispatcher: OK, honey.

Follrod: Hurry. Hurry.

Dispatcher: Now listen, do not hang up the phone with me. I've got people coming to you, OK.

Follrod: Please hurry.

Dispatcher: What are they doing?

Follrod: They're trying to kick the door in.

Dispatcher: They're trying to kick the door in?

Follrod: Gunshots are firing, and the police are here.

Dispatcher: Where is your husband now?

Follrod: He's right here at the door. ... They're here.

Dispatcher: The troopers are in your house?

Follrod: Yes.

(The phone was hung up.)


Rose: Please help us.

Dispatcher: Don't hang up. Are they in the house?

Rose: Yes.

Dispatcher: Just lay the phone down.

Rose: OK.

Dispatcher: Are they still in there?

Rose: Yes. ... They're upstairs in the apartment, and I'm downstairs in the bar.

Dispatcher: They're upstairs in your apartment?

Rose: They kicked the f--ing door. They kicked the door in.

Dispatcher: They kicked your door in?

Rose: Yes, they busted my door in. Please help me.

Dispatcher: Where are your children?

Rose: They're right here with me. It's my sister's daughter and my pregnant wife.

Dispatcher: Your wife is pregnant?

Rose: Yes. And they kicked the door in. They were shooting in the back alley. Help us.

Dispatcher: OK, just lay the phone down. Do not hang up.

Rose: You don't hang up.

Dispatcher: I'm not hanging up.

Rose: Get somebody here, please.

Dispatcher: OK, how many of them are there?

Rose: I don't know. There was two or three in plainclothes out in the parking lot. ... And there was one in uniform. His name is Messenger.

Dispatcher: Messenger was in uniform?

Rose: He told me it was, and they told me they were going to kick my ass, and that's a quote. Hurry. Hurry.

Dispatcher: Where are they?

Follrod: I'm pregnant.

Dispatcher: How far along are you, sweetie? OK, you all got away from them and got downstairs?

Follrod: Yeah, they're still here, just hurry.

Dispatcher: And they're upstairs searching your apartment?

Follrod: You just hurry. Come on. I'm going to die if you don't.

Dispatcher: Honey, the Welch PD is there. Just hold on. We're getting other people to come to you.

Follrod: Hurry. Please hurry.

Dispatcher: OK, so you all made it from upstairs downstairs? Don't cry sweetie, I know you're scared.

Follrod: They're here.

Dispatcher: In the bar?

Follrod: Yes.

Dispatcher: Lay the phone down. ... (To city police car) Now they're in the bar with the people. This girl's pregnant. There's three small children. Three plainclothes and one uniform. This is not good. ... (To Follrod) How many of them are there?

Follrod: Three. ...

Dispatcher: Any of them in uniform?

Follrod: Yes

Dispatcher: How many?

Follrod: One.

Dispatcher: Who's in uniform?

Follrod: Messenger.

(Screaming) I'm pregnant. Help me, help me, help me.

(Screams and thumps are heard.)

Trooper: Get up, get up.

(Female screaming) Help me, please help me!

Trooper: What the f-- you doing? Don't tell me to stop, you motherf--er. You f--ing -. What the f-- you doing down here, you son of a bitch?

Rose: Help me. Help me.

Trooper: Get your f--ing ass up right now. Get up. Get up. Get up, you motherf--er.

Rose: OK, OK, man, all right. OK, don't hit me. All right, don't hit me.

Trooper: Get the f-- up. Get up.

Rose: All right, man.

Trooper: Get the f-- up

Rose: OK, stop.

Trooper: Get up. ... Get the f-- up right now, you motherf--er. Get the f-- up. I'm telling you right now. I'll f--ing kill you, your f--ing ass, you understand me? Get the f-- up right now, you understand me? Get the f-- up.

(Female screaming in background) Help me. Help me.

Trooper: Get up. Get your f--ing ass up.

Rose: Please stop. ...

Trooper: Get your ass out of here right now. Get them out.

Rose: Stop, stop, please. ... Don't hit me again, please.

Trooper: Get the f-- up. Get the f-- up. Get up.

Rose: OK, all right, man.

Trooper: Get your f--ing ass up or I'll kill you now.

Rose: OK, man.

Trooper: Get up, motherf--ing -, get the f-- up right now.

(Moans and cries in the background)

Rose: Don't do it again, please.

Trooper: If you don't get your f--ing ass up, I'll kill your f--ing ass right here, you f--ing understand me? You f--ing understand me?

Rose: Yes sir.

Trooper: Get the f-- up off the ground right f--ing now. Get up.

Rose: OK, man, don't hit me again, please. Don't hit me. ...

Trooper: Get your f--ing ass up off the ground right now.

Rose: I'm getting up.

Deputy: Come on, Gary. I'll get him up.

Trooper: Get up. Get up right f--ing now.

Deputy: Gary.

Trooper: Get up. Get your f--ing ass up.

Rose: Please don't hit me. Please don't hit me.

Deputy: Gary ... come on, Gary.

Trooper: Get the f-- up. Get up. Get your ass out of this f--ing door right now.


Lane: There's some lady on Main Street in Welch.

Dispatcher: Uh-huh.

Lane: And I couldn't get it out of her, but I think she's, I don't know, in labor or pregnant or something.

Dispatcher: OK, where is she exactly?

Lane: She's right in the middle of Main Street.

Dispatcher: What is your name?

Lane: Brad Lane. I don't know her. I was just walking home, and she came up and told me to get an ambulance. ...


Clerk: Hello, this is the Quik Serve, and they was in here, and they said they needed an ambulance down here on Main Street.

Dispatcher: OK, where is her husband? Ask her where her husband is.

Clerk: I can't get nothing out of them.

Dispatcher: Put her on the phone. Tell her I need to talk to her.

Follrod: Hello. Hello.

Dispatcher: I need to know where your husband is.

Follrod: He's at the Sports Den at Welch, 130 McDowell Street.

Dispatcher: OK, is he still there?

Follrod: I don't know, but they was beating him up. ...

Dispatcher: OK, does he need an ambulance now?

Follrod: Yes, he was ... They was all beating him up, every one of them.

Dispatcher: How many of them?

Follrod: There was four of them beating him up up on Main Street, so just send them up here. ... And they shot at me on the porch, and I was pregnant. ...K, does he need an ambulance now?

Follrod: Yes, he was ... They was all beating him up, every one of them.

Dispatcher: How many of them?

Follrod: There was four of them beating him up up on Main Street, so just send them up here. ... And they shot at me on the porch, and I was pregnant

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