I did enjoy the trip through Grantsville, I dreamed the other night about walking across the ol' bridge with my children and grandchildren, and I was wondering if the ol' bridge was still there I want to drive back up there and visit soon.

I live in Portland Ohio which isn't too far. I go up the West Fork a lot to visit family. my Dad just passed away his name was Harry Criss, I took him up there a lot but never got to go to Grantsville.

I can remember going across the bridge on lunch break to eat at the dog house, my brother was born in the Boleing Clinic did you ever know Scot Knotts he was my great Uncle.

I have a lot of my Grandmothers pictures of the West Fork. I have one of a car that was supposed to be the first car on the West Fork, taken on the Duffield farm I also have a picture of the old Duffield house and one of the Albert Brown house when it was in the Knotts familey.

Wanda Dailey